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Body Care Products

We are manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of pure Body Care Products, widely used for nourishing the skin and grooming. Our range of Body Care Products includes Petroleum Jelly, Body Spray Deo, Cucumber Body Lotion and Herbal Soaps. These Body Care Products are herbal, pure and safe on skin. The Body Care Products, offered by us, are made from fresh herbal ingredients ensuring best results. These Body Care Products help to reveal smoother & softer skin and keep it younger.

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The Soaps, offered by us, are superior in quality and gently cleanse the skin. These Soaps are made from specially selected herbal ingredients suiting all body types. The Soaps help in killing germs and cleaning body well. Our Soaps keep skin soft & smooth and gives a refreshing feeling.

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Body Spray Deo
Body Spray Deo, offered by us, have wonderful fragrances. Our Body Spray Deo are made from pure ingredients and safe on skin. The Body Spray Deo keep body refreshing and cool. Our Body Spray Deo provide all day protection against bad odor. These Body Spray Deo are available in different fragrances to choose from.

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Petroleum Jelly

We are offering pure Petroleum Jelly, widely used for repairing and protecting skin from roughness and dryness. Our Petroleum Jelly is made from enriched substances offering great nourishment for skin. The Petroleum Jelly, offered by us, keeps skin soft, smooth and supple. The Petroleum Jelly is easy to apply and safe on skin.