Renuka Exports


The Soaps, offered by us, are superior in quality and gently cleanse the skin. These Soaps are made from specially selected herbal ingredients suiting all body types. The Soaps help in killing germs and cleaning body well. Our Soaps keep skin soft & smooth and gives a refreshing feeling.

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Body Scrub Soap

Our Body Scrub Soap helps in nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The Body Scrub Soap has very sweet aroma and keeps skin soft and supple. Body Scrub Soap, offered by us, is made from natural extracts that softly scrub away the dead skin leaving it healthy and glowing. Why Our Body Scrub


Pancha Bhautik Soap

The Pancha Bhautik Soap, provided by us, gently cleanses the skin and keeps it refreshed all day long. Our Pancha Bhautik Soap is pure, mild and keeps skin soft & smooth. Pancha Bhautik Soap, offered by us, is enriched with natural extracts and also ensures complete protection against


Kokum Butter Soap

Our Kokum Butter Soap contains moisturizing and enriching substances, vital for all skin types. The Kokum Butter Soap, offered by us, keeps skin fresh and glowing. Our Kokum Butter Soap is pure & mild on skin. Kokum Butter Soap offers complete protection against germs and has very sweet aroma. Why Our Kokum Butter